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Our powerboat training programs help you make the most of your opportunities to get afloat safely and give you the know-how and confidence to skipper your own boat wherever you like. Our main objective is on fun, safe and inspirational training. Training is also recommended by the insurance companies to be covered in order for your insurance compliance, and it also reduces your insurance premium.

Galway is ideally suited for powerboat training with its’ unique combination of safe sheltered areas for novices and challenging rough water for advanced courses and bespoke tuition.

For those of you powerboat enthusiasts who have access to your own boat, you have the option to train on your own boat rather than a training boat. The benefits of this option is that it is more cost effective and also insures the course will be cater entirely to your own particular needs (Own Boat Training is subject to a safety check of your vessel)

You can either undertake training based around our ISA courses or we can structure a customised course for you concentrating on any particular areas that you wish to deal with.

Powerboat Courses

ISA Introduction to Powerboating »
The aim of this course is to provide a brief taste of Powerboating for beginners.

ISA National Powerboat Certificate »
By the end of this two-day course the successful participant will be capable of helming without supervision in good conditions and familiar waters.

ISA Safety Boat Certificate »
By the end of this course, the successful candidate will have a wide range of boat handling techniques and experience in the provision of safety cover for sailing events.

ISA Advanced Powerboat Certificate »
By the end of this course, the successful participant will have a sound introduction to using fast open boats at sea.

Age Restrictions
The ISA recommends that no one under the age of sixteen years should be left in charge of any powerboat without appropriate adult supervision. Under Irish law it is illegal for anyone under the age of sixteen to operate a powerboat that is capable of 17 knots or more.

Safety regulations governing the use of boats are specific to each type of vessel. Every shipping vessel, regardless of size, must carry lifejackets/personal flotation devices for each person on board.

Everyone on board a vessel of less than 23 feet (7.0 metres) in length must wear a lifejacket/personal flotation device.

Pleasure craft
Under the Merchant Shipping Act 1992, as amended by the Merchant Shipping (Investigation of Marine Casualties) Act 2000, a pleasure craft is defined as any vessel in private ownership used wholly or mainly for sport and recreation purposes. It also covers private vessels that are hired out by third parties, provided that the vessel will be operated only by the hirers and will not require a crew to operate it.

Radio licences
The licensing of maritime radio systems is regulated by the Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1926. Every ship that has a radio system installed must also carry a Ship Radio Licence.

While owners of recreational craft, e.g., yachts, sail cruisers,motor cruisers, etc., are not required to install a radio system, if they opt to install a radio system on a voluntary basis, they must also carry a Ship Radio Licence on board.

Every vessel that is equipped with radio equipment must also carry at least one qualified marine radio operator. Details of Ships Radio Licence Training Course Providers are available from the Maritime Safety Directorate in the Department of Transport.

If you have any enquiries relating to leisure training, please call us on (087) 280 7028 or e-mail us at info@truelightmarine.ie


Boat Maintenance teaser

To ensure the maximum enjoyment of the season, Truelight Marine offer service programs, available weekly to suit your needs.
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Boat Repairs teaser

Truelight Marine specialises in boat repairs, generally carried out on-site, but we also offer to repair your boat or boat engine at our workshop.
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While accidents do happen, knowledge and preparation go a long way toward returning to the dock safely.
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We provide door to door service and base our business on customer service and satisfaction. We never compromise on these beliefs.
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