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Why choose to start Boating?

With so many opportunities for boating fun available today, there’s no reason why anyone can’t take advantage of the benefits that recreational boating has to offer. Read our personal list of Top Reasons for Boating below:

- Boating Improves Quality of Life
- Boating is an Affordable Recreation
- Boating is a great bonding experience
- Boating Helps Reduce Stress
- Boating is Good Exercise
- Recreational Boating is Easy to Learn
- Most Importantly: Boating is FUN

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  Boat MaintenanceBoat Maintenance   Boat RepairsBoat Repairs   Boat Safety EquipmentBoat Safety   Boat TransportBoat Transport  

To ensure the maximum enjoyment of the season, Truelight Marine offer service programs, available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
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Truelight Marine specialises in boat repairs, generally carried out on-site, but we also offer to repair your boat or boat engine at our workshops
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No matter how much experience you have, it ís always a good idea to review boating safety rules and equipments before every departure.
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As boat owners we understand the concerns of leaving your lovely Boat with a complete stranger to transport her safely for you.
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